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District Heating and Cooling


One of the most energy-efficient methods of transporting hot potable water as well as heating or cooling water covering long distances is the application of underground piping. To achieve the necessary insulating characteristics for this type of application, aquatherm offers the factory made pre-insulated
Ti (Thermal Insulated) pipe system with different medium pipes and fittings.

Please click here to watch the production process of the aquatherm Ti (pre-insulated) pipes.


The lower the SDR the higher the pressure rating

aquatherm green pipe TI
former: f
usiotherm® ISO
faser composite RP pipe system SDR 9
pipe system for heating water
in dimensions DN25 – DN200

aquatherm blue pipe TI
former: climatherm ISO

faser composite pipe system SDR11 and SDR17.6
pipe system for heating, cooling and waste water
in dimensions DN25 – DN300

aquatherm blue pipe OT TI
former: c
limatherm OT ISO
faser composite pipe system SDR11 and SDR17.6
oxygen-tight pipe system for heating- and industrial
water in dimensions DN25 – DN200

Welding procedures medium pipes:

32-125mm: Socket Fusion

Pre-insulated 160mm and up: Butt welding

Please also refer to chapter "Training / Processing Welding Videos"



Aquatherm green and blue pipe ti brochure

The aquatherm ti pipe systems are insulated with PUR rigid foam and coated with a casing made of PEHD.

Loss of heating or cooling energy [W/m] for the aquatherm Ti pipes  

All medium pipes are plastic-fibre composite pipes and also best suitable for the following applications:

For more information, click here to download the aquatherm blue pipe ti and
aquatherm green pipe ti brochure








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