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Comfort Heating and Cooling



Application: Comfort cooling and heating systems for ceiling or plastered / dry line wall applications.

System: aquatherm black system PP-R Grids, with EVOH oxygen tight barrier acc. DIN 4726

Material: fusiolen PP-R, with oxygen tight barrier acc. DIN 4726.
Colour: black
Form supplied: the aquatherm black system grids can be supplied in several dimensions. Dimensions are on request. Max. area is 15m². The grids are made of 12mm square pipes.

Various connection fittings and hoses (corrugated connecting pipes) are available for joining the aquatherm black system to the pipe system, like fusion-, Pushfit and threaded transition- fittings.

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The concept of the aquatherm black system is for the comfort of an occupied area: thermally well-balanced zones are created.

The principle of the aquatherm black system technology is gentle radiant heat from large surfaces delivering comfort and warmth to the occupants of a room. Since the heating surfaces are relatively large the surface temperature can be kept low reducing air movement. Radiant heat is felt directly, this is one advantage over small hot radiators that create high convectional currents warming the air before the occupants.

Since the system has a low flow temperature (25 - 35⁰C) it is ideally suited to being used with eco-friendly fully condensing boilers or alternative energy sources like a heat pump, solar, geothermal and heat recovery systems.

Besides the thermal advantages there is the added benefit of reduced air movement. The result is reduced dust movement with stabilized humidity. In conclusion wall heating, resp. ceiling heating, saves 25 – 30% of energy costs and contributes to a healthy environment.

Of course the aquatherm black system for wall and ceiling can be combined with each other.


Moderate temperature (20 - 35⁰C) with large heating surfaces generates steady radiation for the user.

Direct heat radiation on the human body delivers a comfortable warm feeling. The room air temperature can be reduced in opposite to conventional heating technologies (radiators / convectors) and still provide comfort for the occupant.

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  • No draughts
  • Noiseless
  • Dust reduction
  • Simple control technique
  • Thermal properties of the building are enhanced
  • System extendable
  • Quick installation thanks to high degree of prefabrication
  • Even temperature distribution
  • Oxygen barrier
  • Minimal construction thickness
  • Greater architectural design freedom
  • Energy saving
  • Suitable as plaster base for ceiling suspension
  • Safe connection techniques by thermal fusion/Pushfit connection for ceiling elements

New connections

In order to meet the different requirements for renovation systems, aquatherm has developed the following transition adapters:

  1. aquatherm black system with press connection 15mm (e.g. to connect existing metal pipes) (Art.-No. 81097).
  2. aquatherm black system to aquatherm orange system 16mm (Art.-No. 81292).
  3. aquatherm black system to aquatherm grey pipe 16mm Multi layer metal composite pipe (Art.-No. 0781292).

The adapters 2 and 3 can be connected via the well known sliding sleeve technique (SHT) to the aquatherm black system.

All adapters are characterised by a flat body design and are therefore suitable for concealed applications (wet and dry) as well as for flat systems. This allows an easier and time saving installation.



aquatherm pipe grids are exclusively made from fusiolen PP-R.

Special heat and extraction stability are only two of the special properties of this material.
These physical properties are of special interest in the heating and cooling industry.

Fusiolen PP-R also offers high temperature and pressure operation.

Long-term temperatures of 70C can easily be maintained. As a rule, the aquatherm black system operates at substantially lower temperatures as is typical with commercial floor-heating systems.
Hence, the actual material stressing is substantially lower. Furthermore fusiolen PP-R offers an excellent robustness against various aggressive chemicals.

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h2c Aluframe Technology
(Wall and Ceiling systems)

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(Industrial) Floor Heating



More than three decades experience in the production and application of underfloor heating systems as well as the continuous development to achieve energy saving and efficient technology, make aquatherm one of the most experienced and globally successful manufacturers of underfloor heating.

The performance of an underfloor heating system is mainly determined by the quality of the installed heating pipe.
The aquatherm orange underfloor heating pipe made of PE-RT is characterised by the following:

  • excellent creep strength even at higher temperatures
  • smooth inner pipe surface
  • low friction loss
  • high heat stabilized
  • corrosion resistant
  • outstanding resistance to chemical
  • high flexibility
  • high impact rate
  • less sound of flow
  • oxygen-tight due to EVOH-coating acc. DIN 4726

Industrial floor heating

aquatherm orange industrial floor heating offers a perfect alternative to more usual types of heating.



The connection of floor heating systems or the installation of radiator pipes up to the manifold can also be carried out with
aquatherm blue pipe.



  • fast amortisation
  • maintenance-free
  • total freedom of design
  • optimum use of the industrial hall due to embedded heating pipes in the floor
  • smooth and constant heat output
  • convenient room and working conditions
  • dust reduction

The weld-in saddle technique, developed by aquatherm, provides the connection of heating pipes to a continuous distribution pipe by reverse return (Tichelmann-principle). The distribution pipes for this connection technique are made of aquatherm PP-R pipes and weld-in saddles. The distance of the saddles is determined by the laying-distance of the heating pipes.



For the connection of the oxygen tight heating pipes aquatherm® SHT-transition adapters are applied.
These allow optimum connection of the aquatherm PP-R pipe system with the aquatherm® SHT system
(SHT = sliding sleeve technology)

Ask for the aquatherm grey pipe system.

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Aquatherm is a world-wide producer of plastic pipe systems for the potable water and heating sector....

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