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The lower the SDR the higher the pressure rating

Aquatherm blue pipe MF (Faser composite) OT SDR7.4 / 11

Material: fusiolen PP-R C

Pipe series: Art.-no. 2170708 - 2170712 = SDR7.4, Art.-No. 2170114 - 2170138 = SDR11
Form supplied: 4 m straight lengths (20 - 125mm), 5.8 m straight lengths (160 - 250mm)

Color: blue

Download general information aquatherm blue pipe MF

Specific feature: Oxygen Tight (OT) by diffusion barrier acc. to DIN 4726

Fields of application:

For chilled / hot water and heating systems. Temperature range -20C - +90C.
For temperature / pressure ratio please refer to the table of permissible working pressures.

Please only use the aquatherm proprietary pipe clamps!

Welding procedures videos:

20-63mm: Socket Fusion

50-125mm: Socket Fusion

160mm and up: Butt welding

20-250mm: Electrofusion

Please also refer to chapter "Training / Processing Welding Videos"

Art.-No.                           Dimension                     DN                    PU [m]

Socket Fusion:

2170708                          20 x 2,8 mm                 15                    100

2170710                          25 x 3,5 mm                 20                    100

2170712                          32 x 4,4 mm                 25                    40

2170114                          40 x 3,7 mm                 32                    40

2170116                          50 x 4,6 mm                 40                    20

2170118                          63 x 5,8 mm                 50                    20

2170120                          75 x 6,8 mm                 65                    20

2170122                          90 x 8,2 mm                 80                    12

2170124                          110 x 10,0 mm             80                    8

2170126                          125 x 11,4 mm           100                    4

Butt Welding:

2170130                          160 x 14,6 mm           125                   5.8

2170134                          200 x 18,2 mm           150                   5.8

2170138                          250 x 22,7 mm           200                   5.8

The advantages of the NEW aquatherm blue pipe MF OT:

  • Oxygen Tight by diffusion barrier acc. to DIN 4726
  • Absolutely corrosion resistant
  • less pipe friction
  • high stability
  • high heat-stability
  • high environmental compatibility
  • high impact rate
  • resistant against chemicals
  • heat- and sound insulating characteristics
  • very good welding properties
  • considerably thinner insulation


Easy and quick installation technology

Aquatherm blue pipe OT pipes and fittings are joined together by socket fusion (20 - 125 mm) and butt welding (160 - 250 mm).

The aquatherm blue pipe OT pipes have to be peeled with peeling tools Art.-No. 50506 - 50526 before processing.

NEW Universal peeling tools for "Stabi", UV and OT pipes

 Click here for more information on the pipe peelers for OT pipes


Weld in saddle Technique video:

Weld in Saddle Technique

Prior to welding the weld in saddles into the aquatherm blue pipe OT pipes, the Oxygen Tight barrier layer has to be removed by using special Saddle Peeling Tools Art.-No. 50921 (20 & 25mm), 50922 (32mm), 50924 (40mm), 50926 (50mm) and 50928 (63mm) for pipes 50 -125mm.

Saddle Peeling Tools Art.-No. 50421 (20 & 25mm), 50422 (32mm), 50424 (40mm), 50426 (50mm) and 50428 (63mm) for pipes 160 -250mm.

UV Resistance

Pipes and fittings made from fusiolen PP-R or fusiolen PP-R C are normally not installed where subject to UV-radiation.

All aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings have UV stabilizer to bridge transport and installation times. Maximum storage time in the open air is 3 months under Australian UV-conditions.

For the application in open air aquatherm offers composite pipes with an UV-protective layer made from black polyethylene, which excludes damages caused by sunlight.

Aquatherm PP-R fittings have to be protected against sunlight by using a black UV-resistant adhesive tape.

Painting the aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings with an UV resistant epoxy based primer or lagging the aquatherm PP-R pipes and fittings with an UV resistant insulation is sufficient as well to protect the PP-R pipe system from UV damage.

Available types of pipe:

  • aquatherm green pipe MF UV
  • aquatherm blue pipe MF UV (on demand)
  • aquatherm blue pipe MF UV-OT (on demand)

Peeling of the UV layer

When welding UV pipe peel off the UV layer off the aquatherm pipe before fusion.

Push the end of the UV pipe into the guide of the peeling tool. Peel off the UV layer up to the top of the peeling tool. It is not necessary to mark the welding depth as the back stop of the peeling tool indicates the correct welding depth.

Before starting the fusion, check if the UV layer has been completely removed.

Peeling of the UV layer


Peeling of the UV layer (option 2):   (::


NEW: Aquatherm offers new solution for painting the aquatherm PP-R pipe systems

Click on below picture to download Technews No.14 2015


For more information, click here to download the aquatherm blue pipe brochure 


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